In a recent poll, many Americans are worried there could be more political violence on the horizon. ABC News has more:   Broad, bipartisan numbers of Americans are concerned that political divisions are increasing the risk of politically motivated violence in this country, with majorities across the board highly concerned about it in a new […]

In segment one Senator Joe Manchin has officially said that he will not support any more of the Biden spending program. The main reason is that it would make inflation worse. Segment two is devoted to some good news and a school system in Georgia is allowing non-teaching staff to carry a gun. Vince discusses […]

In this hour, America needs new voices in 2024. Vince talks about how we can address our issues in a constructive way. Also, more on the Highland Park shooting.

Faith Focus Friday with Vince. More on the baby formula shortage and why Elon Musks’ purchase of Twitter is on hold. Plus, NC State House candidate, Parish Moffett, joins the program.

In the first hour of the show, former NC Congressman JD Hayworth - filling in for Vince - talks about Joe Biden's upcoming military situation with Russia as a Ukrainian invasion looms. 

In the first hour of the Vince Coakley Radio Program, former Congressman JD Hayworth fills in for Vince and talks about Betty White passing away at the age of 99 to end 2021