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In segment 1 Pete plays excerpts of comments by Senator Tillis regarding comments made by NC Senate candidates. Segments two and three have reviews of several articles on the war in Ukraine. In segment 4 Pete describes how the Javelin anti-tank weapons work.

Vince discusses the death penalty for the marathon bomber, a new report on the origin of Covid, and a discssion on transgenders sports.

Vince plays the crowd singing the National Anthem when the  microphone went out, and comments on Ukraine from Analyst Doug MacGregor on Fox news.

In segments one and two more on local candidates for Charlotte Offices. Segments three and four were devoted to local and national political fraud and corruption.

Segments one and two are discussing Patrick Cannon’s candidacy for Charlotte City Council. In segments three and four more on Patrick Cannon and additional candidate filings.

This hour the discussion focuses on Ukraine.

Chad talks charlotte politics, The State of The Union address, and the NC State Education report and orders from Governor Cooper

The first half of the hour was continuing discussion of how test scores were down. In the second half Pete looked at the effect on special education.

Pete goes through the report from the NC Education Department on h0w the  past two years.