Another example of how our culture is failing men, by leaving them desperate for purpose and untrained to be protectors. Also, Rep. Dan Bishop’s floor speech from the House where he blamed the progressive project for destabilizing the society.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson spoke at a Charlotte church recently, and his comments provoked Democrat and media outrage. Hear what the first-term Republican official said.

The recall of a radical leftist San Francisco District Attorney who echoed the same policies as more-mainstream Democrats is inspiring panic about the party’s chances in the upcoming elections.

A man is arrested outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and it will prompt no criticism of leftist rhetoric that the would-be assassin consumed.

North Carolina Democratic lawmakers say the state should give everyone with a driver license $200 to help pay for skyrocketing gas prices. This excludes undocumented drivers and is obviously a racist policy, as it relies on NCDLs for access.

WRAL-TV is amplifying a sermon delivered by North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, and demanding other Republicans play the “Defend or Disavow” game. Plus, Charlotte officials say creation of an entertainment district around the Hornets’ arena will hinge on development of a new transit center.

The City of Charlotte will begin negotiating terms of a $275 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets that would give the NBA team a new practice facility and renovations to the Uptown arena. City Councilmembers say they’re trying to make the best of a bad deal from nearly 20 years ago.

In an effort to promote equality for women, has America over-corrected — neglecting boys’ education when not targeting them outright? Yet, masculinity has saved the world.

After three homicides in Charlotte over the weekend, City Councilman Braxton Winston tweeted, “We must treat each other better as a community. We need a culture of love over violence.” OK. But how?

Best-selling author and veteran TV journalist, Bill O’Reilly, discusses the current state of TV news and President Biden using the gun violence issue to rescue his presidency.