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Jason Lewis fills in for Pete.  Eric Bollinger, from The Balance,  on Newsmax,  joins to discuss the reasons for the success of Newsmax. Discussion and trivia about the Beatles and their concert in Charlotte in 1993.

Jason Lewis fills in for Pete.Do these indictments open a can of worms in Washington? Fitch ratings has lowered the credit rating of the US to AA from AAA. The debt is now larger than the GNP. Busch has now admitted that their sales in the US for Bud Light have dropped considerably because of […]

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have sent a letter to special counsel John Durham asking why more than half a dozen key figures in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation were allowed to refuse cooperation with Durham probe.   Listen Here:

The Washington Times reports that the FBI identified the vehicle that a suspect entered after planting bombs at the headquarters of both the Democrat National Committee and the Republican National Committee on Jan. 6, 2021. But according to a whistleblower, the FBI has not made any arrests and is stonewalling Congressional oversight of the investigation. […]

A practice known as “home equity theft” has been ruled unconstitutional in a 9-0 US Supreme Court opinion this week. The practice involves local governments or companies seizing homes with late property taxes, selling the properties, and keeping all of the money.   Listen Here:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his run for President yesterday in a Twitter event that was glitchy and poorly-constructed. But will it matter after today? Probably not.   Listen Here :

This episode is presented by Old Grouch’s Military Surplus — As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis makes the rounds doing interviews after announcing his run for President, former President Donald Trump says DeSantis was “better than most Democrat governors,” but only an average Republican one. Trump criticized DeSantis for his fight with the Disney corporation, and said […]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his run for President last night in a delayed, technologically-challenged announcement on Twitter. Judging by the responses, it seems like people who hate DeSantis thought it was terrible and people who like him thought it won’t matter.   Listen Here:

A writer from San Francisco sets out to debunk the “doom loop” narrative but finds she is unable to do so. Plus, Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter argues to “Let the blue cities die.”   Listen Here: