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North Carolina Democrats are calling school vouchers "welfare for the wealthy" because income eligibility limits have been lifted by the GOP-led legislature. But if those refunds to the rich are welfare, wouldn't the payments to the poor also be?

A new study finds a link between drinking fluoridated water (like most US public water systems) and prenatal affects like lower IQ and neuro-behavioral problems. Plus, a trike at Charlotte airport and a renters' union.

The intrepid reporters at the New York Times have discovered ANOTHER offensive flag at Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's home!

South Carolina became the latest state to ban trans procedures on minors, leaving Virginia as the only remaining Southeastern state to still allow puberty blockers, secret social transitioning, and transgender surgeries on kids under the age of 18.

Mark Starling from WWNC discusses the state of policing in Asheville and the disastrous results of the sale of the Mission Hospital system to a Tennessee-based corporation.

Add Oklahoma to the list of state that the Biden Department of Justice is suing. The DOJ is trying to block a state law that makes it a crime to live in Oklahoma if you are here in America illegally.

Paula Kweskin is the founder and Director of The Collective, a grassroots organization of Jewish and Muslim women united in creating peace amid the Israel-Hamas War. She calls the arrest warrants by the International Criminal Court against Israeli leaders outrageous.

President Joe Biden's assertion of executive privilege over the audio recording of his interview by a DOJ Special Counsel is as novel as it is absurd.

New attacks on Supreme Court Samuel Alito are designed to undermine the court and "soften the ground" to pack the court. Plus, Britain's Secretary of State for Education says society should not rush kids into adulthood via sex ed.

Republican North Carolina lawmakers want to change the masking law back to what it was pre-COVID, by removing an exemption for wearing masks in public for public health. They say the exemption has since allowed protesters and criminals greater anonymity as they engage in violence and lawless activities. But Democrats are pretending they don't understand the motivation and have mounted unpersuasive arguments.