An Ohio professor wins a lawsuit against Shawnee State University. Disney+ and Netflix are seeing a large drop in subscribers, how much is inflation affecting this?

Transformation Tuesday: Profess without possessing. Vince also discusses the latest on Elon Musk and Joe Biden’s mental health.

The travel mask mandate has been lifted but what’s next? Brett Jensen joins the program to discuss the current state of CMS and what the future will hold when it comes to a new Superintendent.

Will Biden allow drilling in the U.S. to try and curb gas prices? And the RNC decides they will not participate in upcoming debates due to the current system in place. Also, Vince talks about the current shootings in South Carolina.

What is Elon’s next move? Will he continue down the path of trying to buy Twitter? And Vince discusses the Transgender agenda.

2022 Masters champion Scottie Scheffler talks about his faith in God. Also, It’s the relationships you have with others that defines who you are.

Gov. Desantis signs anti-abortion bill in Florida. Elon Musk comments on free speech. Vince discusses the war in Ukraine and Brett Winterble joins the show to talk about Joe Biden’s mental health.

In this hour, Vince asks, when is it appropriate to teach young kids about sex education? Also, Cam Newton’s latest comments on women.

In this hour, Vince talks about Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter and if our free speech is under attack. Greg Abbott continues to send migrants to D.C. And at 39%, Biden’s approval rating continues to drop.

In this hour, Vince dives into travel restrictions, mask mandates potentially making a comeback, all while Covid numbers are reportedly dropping.