Second Day of 118th Congress

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

With no Speaker of the House having been appointed yet, we continue to wait for a resolution. Fox News reports:  

House Freedom Caucus (HFC) member Troy Nehls claims House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is aware that he will need the caucus’s support to get future bills passed. 

“Kevin is aware that any legislation he would like to pass out of this House will require support and endorsement from the Freedom Caucus,” Nehls said on the House floor. “This is where I believe we can hold the speaker accountable.” 

Nehls made the statement Thursday during another session of unsuccessful votes to determine a Speaker of the House. 

“Kevin McCarthy understands, he understands he must protect that speaker’s gavel and abide the will of the American people,” Nehls said. “The decisions we make in the 118th Congress are critical to the future of our country. The decisions we make, the legislation we pass as a Republican majority must have the support of the American people.”

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