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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is apparently running employees through an online “implicit bias” test. Pete took the test (for the third time in his life), and learned he has no preference for either European Americans or African Americans. Of course, the Church of Wokism would deem this proof that a person “doesn’t see color” and is, therefor, […]

Joe Biden did worse among Hispanic voters than Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party’s focus on progressive ideology is driving more away. Plus, China is waging war against America – with fentanyl.

The Leftist organization Carolina Forward released a poll showing President Biden is unpopular, but a state legislative generic ballot shows they might actually be competitive. Plus, Ruy Teixeira says Democrats “erred by lumping Hispanics in with “people of color” and assuming they embraced the activism around racial issues.”

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) was defeated in a landslide yesterday. In her concession speech, she said her path tracks similarly with Abraham Lincoln who, like Cheney, lost a Senate and House race. So, maybe losing her re-election bid was part of her plan to be President.

Monkeypox jumps from man to dog. Minneapolis teachers union ‘jumps the shark’ – calling for white teachers to be laid off first. Because…. racism. A seemingly similar motivation led to a massive payout for a former Charlotte hospital official.

The author of “The Great American Political Trivia Challenge:  Political Trivia on Steroids”  – Rich Rubino – discusses historical trends in midterm elections and whether the GOP could see a “red wave” election in November.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is trying to recruit teachers amid a shortage. But if we combine the newly-created NC “Social Districts” with CMS, kids can be educated by the whole community! After people get a few beers in their system they gain all SORTS of knowledge about everything. Also, re-branding Monkeypox.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s Emergency Declaration is finally expiring – after 888 days. The Governor has said his E.D. was needed to get federal money. Plus, how the Green New Deal turned into the Inflation Reduction Act.

Analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation finds the manufacturing sector will bear a massive and disproportionate share of the new tax burden imposed by Democrats’ newly-passed Inflation Reduction Act. And Democrats believe the best way to reclaim the mantle of The Party of the Working Class is to hire 87,000 IRS agents, obviously.

After touting 0% inflation for July, Democrats rammed through the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.” Just as they redefined terms like “recession” and “raid,” perhaps this is a similar phenomena. It’s inflation that doesn’t identify as inflation. Hence, it’s transflation.