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The North Carolina Supreme Court is deciding whether to re-hear the case over the state’s 2018 Voter ID law after the initial ruling was fast-tracked by Democrat judges before they lost their majority on the court. Listen Here:

The University of North Carolina wants a judge to prevent the release of research documents by Dr. Ralph Baric. The information is sought by the US Right To Know nonprofit watchdog. Listen Here:

The North Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday on whether they overstepped their authority in imposing legislative maps last year. Plus, the GOP-controlled NC Senate easily passes Medicaid expansion. Listen Here:

North Carolina redistricting was back in court yesterday. From The Center Square: The North Carolina Supreme Court did not have the authority to invalidate maps created by the General Assembly for the state’s Senate and congressional districts, attorneys for legislative leaders argued Tuesday. Republicans who control the General Assembly relied on the court’s instruction to […]

The North Carolina General Assembly has passed a bill increasing penalties for rioting. Will the Governor veto this latest version, like he did the prior version? Listen Here:

Faulty bearings in every single CATS light rail car need to be replaced. So, the Charlotte Area Transit System is shipping every train to California to be repaired by the company that sold us the cars. Listen Here:

The Charlotte City Council learned last night about a light rail car derailment that occurred ten months ago. And how it was due to a faulty bearing. And how those bearings are in every one of the 42 light rail cars. And how they also need to replace one-third of the bus fleet. Listen Here:

In his new book Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives, Siddharth Kara documents the atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo being used to produce the “environment-friendly” products of the West. Listen Here:

The plan to minimize the losses of Silicon Valley Bank’s failure will induce more bad behavior and make it harder to argue against bailouts for other Americans and businesses. Listen Here:

The Silicon Valley Bank run is a classic case of panic-induced withdrawals and risky strategies rewarded. Listen Here: