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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district joins 200 other systems in alleging that social media companies have caused behavioral and academic problems among students with their addictive products. Listen Here:

A racist white guy targets black people in a mass shooting in Florida. But it’s apparent there were warning signs that went ignored prior to the attack. Listen Here:

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper accuses Republicans of terrible things as he tries to hold power over the State Board of Elections. Listen Here:

Rather than attempt to unify the nation, President Joe Biden used the arrest of Donald Trump to sarcastically solicit donations. Listen Here:

New polling of North Carolina likely voters shows President Joe Biden’s approval number is 35%… while 58% disapprove of the job he is doing. Meanwhile, the left and the media (but, I repeat myself) are giddy over Trump’s mug shot. Listen Here:

Former Intelligence & Naval Officer, Matt Shoemaker, discusses the apparent assassination of the leader of the Wagner group – a mercenary outfit that two months ago staged a coup against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Did you know a guy named Bergum is running for President, too? He did all right last night at the GOP debate. But Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy went at each other pretty hard. Listen Here: 

Did you know Asa Hutchinson was running for President of the US? He is! Unfortunately, his debate performance last night was as uneventful and uninspiring as his campaign. Plus, seven other GOP candidates were on stage. Listen Here:

When the government runs the school system, then citizens get to determine what is taught. Which is a lesson that leftists (who have had control over the system for years) are learning. Listen Here:

Hours of public comment from teachers, activists, and parents outraged over the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board’s adoption of new policies to comply with state law called the Parents’ Bill of Rights. Listen Here: