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Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing For Labor Secretary Nominee Marty Walsh

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The North Carolina GOP unanimously approved a resolution Monday to censure Sen. Richard Burr for his vote to convict former President Donald Trump.

One of those to confirm the process was the state’s GOP chairman Michael Whatley. He joined WBT’s Bo Thompson Morning Show on Tuesday to give an update on why Republican officials voted against Burr’s interests.

“The key thing for everybody to note is the Republican party across the board was deeply disappointed with Senator Burr’s vote, particularly after he declared the trial to be unconstitutional,” Whatley said.

“We’re glad that the Senate, as a whole, voted to acquit (Trump) and called on Democrats and the politicians in Washington to start focusing on the American family. And the needs that we have in terms of tackling the pandemic and putting our kids back in school.”

Whatley did not make this decision to censure Burr solely, but rather he leaned on the opinions of more than 100 GOP party leaders and officials over the weekend and into Monday night’s meeting.

“The general consensus among the people asked was a statement needed to be made about Burr’s actions,” said Whatley.

North Carolina GOP central committee voted unanimously to censure Burr, but Whatley understands the need to move on with the longtime Senator as a part of the party.

“Senator Burr has been a very important leader in the Republican party for over 20 years. He’ll continue to be an important leader for the Republican party for the rest of his term.”

Burr, however, appears to feel bitter about the entire process of being censured by the N.C. GOP.

“It is truly a sad day for North Carolina Republicans,” Burr said in a statement. “My party’s leadership has chosen loyalty to one man over the core principles of the Republican Party and the founders of our great nation.”

Burr, who’s not seeking reelection after 26 years in congress, will be leaving his seat up for grabs among a list of potential candidates in North Carolina. One of those who’ve flirted with a run in 2022 is Lara Trump. The daughter-in-law for the former president has political ambitions and would like to step into the void created by Burr.

Whatley welcomes Trump’s potential candidacy and believes it would be a positive for North Carolina. He said Trump would have “immediate and broad interest across the state” from the N.C.’s Republican party.

Listen to the entire interview with N.C. GOP chairman Michael Whatley below.