Tune in here to this Friday’s segment of The Brett Winterble Show with Mandy Connell!

We’re joined by Mandy Connell from KOA to discuss the upcoming Cruise and Tour trip down the Danube! This Christmas trip is going to be a coalition of like minded listeners from KOA and WBT full of gourmet meals, spectacular places lit by Christmas lights, and great memories.

Connell and Brett kick the segment off talking about how well the listeners of each respective station will gel together as they are all like minded people. Connell shares stories of previous trips where listeners who went say that they made life long friends on the trip.

They also discuss the Folds of Honor group that is going on the trip. Connell who is married to a veteran who suffered from significant battle injuries shares the joy she feels being on the trip alongside true American patriots.

To reserve your spot on this all-inclusive trip down the Danube or for more information call (800)383-3131

Listen here for all you need to know about this cruise down the Danube!