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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman

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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman entire Monday, March 25th, 2024 show.


6:05 Beth Song of the Day; NCAA Tournament this weekend

6:20 Four ACC teams headed to Sweet Sixteen

6:35 Bo took a fall while running on his NCAA guys weekend

6:50 RAM Biz Update; UK study shows playground bullies often succeed in business


7:05 NCAA Tournament first weekend – 4 ACC teams in the Sweet Sixteen

7:20 Bo & Beth reflect on Kate Middleton cancer diagnosis

7:35 Instagram adds a political content filter, neglects to tell people

7:50 Crossing the Streams with Brett Winterble – Will Trump make bond payment today?


8:05 NCAA Tournament first weekend – ACC goes 8-0

8:20 More on the NCAA Opening rounds – Bo can’t believe no one said anything about his Oakland-Kentucky pick

8:35 Guests: George MacBain & Jessica Klasinski, CMS Augustine Literacy Project

8:50 More with MacBain & Klasinski


9:05 Mick Mulvaney joins live in-studio – Big day for Trump on legal fronts

9:20 Ronna McDaniel causing stir at NBC after she was hired to be analyst

9:35 How much influence does Marjorie Taylor Greene really have?

9:50 Mulvaney on Moscow terrorist attack