Vince Coakley is out today, so WBT’s Breaking Brett Jensen fills in!

Brett brings on Chris McClain from WFNZ’s “Mac and Bone” show to talk about the dysfunctional state of the Carolina Panthers and how they’ve inherited the title of laughingstock of the NFL with Dan Snyder’s sale of the Washington Commanders. Then Brett gives listeners a crash-course in sports gambling now that it has become legal in North Carolina.

Later in the show Brett talks about a dubious anniversary coming up this St. Patrick’s Day + asks listeners to share if they remember where they were that day.

In the second half of the program Brett shares news about the judge’s ruling in the Fani Willis case + reacts to a CNN segment about North Carolina GOP candidate for State Superintendent Michele Morrow’s call for “death to all traitors” on social media with a doctored picture of Barack Obama in the post and other controversial comments she’s made.

He also plays his interview with District 6 GOP candidate Mark Walker, who dropped out of the race rather than go to a runoff to take a position in the Donald Trump campaign.