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Tune in here to this Wednesday edition of the Brett Winterble Show!
Brett kicks off the program by talking about Russian anti-satellite technology and the breaking news story of shots fired at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade. According to the police shots were fired near the parade route, it is unclear who the shooter/shooters are, and who was targeted at this time.
Matt Doherty, a.k.a. “The Coach,” joins the show today to discuss what he’s got going on and why he does it. Brett and Coach also discuss the proposed $50 an hour minimum wage, Bidenomics and much more!

Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT is also here for this Wednesday’s episode of Crossing the Streams. Brett, Coach and Bo talk about the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade and what this could mean for Super Bowl parades in the future. They express their grief for the victims and their families; also their regret that this is America today, a city can’t even celebrate their victory without bad actors ruining it for everyone else.
We’re also joined by Pedro Orta, a decorated former member of the CIA and author to talk about the CIA’s surveillance of the Trump campaign and the politicization of the CIA. Orta explains the “Five I’s” work around that enables the CIA to access information on American citizens through data collected by allies of America. Orta also discusses his opinions on the Biden family + China connection. He calls out corrupt bureaucratic agencies for allowing this corruption of the Biden Administration by China to go on with no reprocussions. Orta closes with his story of why he is no longer in the CIA, for more on that story check out his book “The Broken Whistle.”