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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman

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6:05 Beth’s Song of the day; Joni Mitchell at the Grammys

6:20 Encore: Edgy Beth song

6:35 2024 Grammy Recap

6:50 Business Update; Virtual Reality with Apple Vision Pro


7:05 Continued: Apple Vision Pro release

7:20 Billy Joel Grammy Performance; Backstory on Billy Joel’s new song

7:35 Grammys continued

7:50 Crossing the streams with Brett Winterble; Donald Trump’s running mate


8:05 Grammys recap; Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs

8:20 Pets sleeping in the bed pros and cons

8:35 Pets sleeping continued

8:50 Carl Weathers passes away


9:05 Mick Mulvaney in studio; Border Security deal

9:20 Trump’s potential running mate

9:35 Nikki Haley on SNL

9:50 SNL continued; Monday music trivia


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