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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman

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Listen here to Good Morning BT as we’re joined for our weekly visit with our resident political expert Mick Mulvaney!

Bo and Beth start the conversation with Mick by talking about where he stands when it comes to letting his dogs sleep in his bed and what he thought about last night’s Grammy awards before getting into some of the biggest political stories from the weekend — beginning with the border bill that was proposed.

Mick talks with us about what the bill actually calls for and if he realistically thinks it could pass + why he thinks it isn’t a solution to the situation at our southern border.

Later they get into a discussion about who could become Donald Trump’s choice for Vice President after name dropping Tim Scott and Kristi Noem in a Fox News interview + Mick explains what he thinks will be the key factor when Trump finally makes his decision.

Mick also talks about what he thinks the impact will be of Nikki Haley going on a Saturday Night Live skit making fun of the former President.

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