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Listen here to a special in-studio visit on The Brett Winterble Show from the Superintendent of Catholic schools in the Charlotte Diocese Dr. Greg Monroe and his team to talk about the safety and security of schools after the report from the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas was recently released.

The conversation starts with a discussion about the shortcomings that were revealed in the report from the day of the shooting before talking about their approach for addressing these shortcomings to help prevent and respond to similar events in the future.

They also talk about the amount of people that need to be protected in Dr. Monroe’s schools before discussing the challenge walking the line between maintaining security without disrupting the day-to-day educational experience for students + shares what they’ve heard from parents about how the security measures have been implemented into the schools and why a good relationship with students is important for security.

They close out the visit by talking about the challenges that modern technology pose maintaining security at schools.