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Tune in here to this Thursday edition of the Brett Winterble Show!
Brett kicks off the program by talking about the kids in Virginia that brought weed gummies to school in a bag with fentanyl in it + takes your calls on West Virginia’s Joe Manchin potentially running for President as a third party candidate and Hunter Biden.
In the second hour of the show we take more of your calls + talks about the universities need to be “defunded,” + highlights from Vivek Ramaswamy’s townhall on CNN last night.

Beth Troutman from Good Morning BT is also here for this Thursday episode of Crossing the Streams.Brett gets the conversation with Beth started by talking about how frequently they fly on airplanes before diving into an article questioning why “gate lice,” starting lining up to board a plane before gate attendants tell them to do so.

Brett and Beth share their experiences with these “gate lice,” + what drives the actions of these people: conformity or competition. Beth also explains how these people disrupt and confuse others who are trying to follow the directions of the airlines + how she thinks the airlines themselves have to bear some of the blame for these people.