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Tune in here for a very special edition of Crossing the Streams on The Brett Winterble Show!

Not only is the Coach Matt Doherty in studio — but so are both Good Morning BT hosts Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman!

The conversation begins with the group talking about the circumstances that led to the whole squad appearing live in the studio + then they talk about a name The Coach is very familiar with taking over as the head coach for Charlotte FC: Dean Smith.

Then they talk about the recent comments from former Carolina Panthers quarterback and NFL Most Valuable Player Cam Newton’s claims that this year’s MVP frontrunners are “game managers,” and don’t really deserve that kind of consideration.

Bo and Beth share how they feel about Cam making those comments after his failed second stint in Charlotte before talking about who are some popular choices for the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers after the disaster that was the Frank Reich era + The Coach explains why he thinks the top names won’t want the job.