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Tune in here for Breaking Brett Jensen’s post-Election Night interview with District 6 City Council seat winner Tariq Bokhari, who won a very tight race against Stephanie Hand.

Councilman Bokhari shares the moment he knew he was victorious + what he learned about himself and his family after an incredibly contentious campaign. He also talks about the adversity he faced as the underdog in his race as well as the importance of his Republican voice on the Democrat-dominated Charlotte City Council.

Bokhari also shares what he thinks have held back Republicans in local elections in recent history + where he got the idea for his plane advertisement taking a shot at Stephanie Hand’s supposed work experience and the role his mother-in-law played in.

Brett also shares a comment from Hand to WBT’s Scott Hamilton about her misleading description of her employment at an airport + his reaction to her non-answers about the matter following the campaign.