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Tune into this special Friday edition of Breaking with Brett Jensen!

Brett is joined by District 14 candidate for Congress Pat Harrigan. Brett starts the conversation with Pat by asking to hear his thought process behind a Tweet he posted on Halloween in reference to his opponent Tim Moore’s sex scandal + what went into the timing of the social media attack.

Then Scott Hamilton from the WBT news room drops by with an update to the dramatic elections going on in Indian Trial as we approach election day next Tuesday, which will have live coverage on WBT all night!

In the second half of the show Brett shares pieces of his interview earlier this week with Charlotte City Councilman Malcolm Graham, who talked about why he wishes more of the local races were contested and talks about if he’d be interested in running for mayor at some point.

Finally we close out the show with some audio from Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich as they look to secure their second win of the season with the Indianapolis Colts coming Bank of America Stadium.