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Tune in here for this special edition of Breaking with Brett Jensen as we’re joined by Charlotte City Councilman Malcolm Graham live in studio!

Brett and Councilman Graham open the conversation by talking about the many local races this election season. Councilman Graham explains why he doesn’t like the amount of races with just one candidate + why he thinks Democrats and Republicans alike are registering independent more and more and if he would run for Mayor of Charlotte.

Then Councilman Graham updates you on the situation with Carolina Panthers and Charlotte FC owner David Tepper and the city itself and the public funding that may be necessary to keep them here.

In the second half of the show Graham shares his thoughts on losing out on a historic tennis tournament that decided to remain in Cincinnati + why he’s proud of the effort to lure it here but why it ultimately failed.

They also talk about the most competitive race of the local elections between Stephanie Hand and Tariq Bokhari for the District 6 city council seat.