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Listen here to this Monday edition of Crossing the Streams on The Brett Winterble Show as we’re joined by Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT!

Brett begins the conversation with Bo by talking about Bo’s earlier discussion with Mick Mulvaney as the Republicans continue to try to elect a new Speaker of the House of Representatives + Bo shares who he (and Mick) think are the betting favorites among the list of nine names in the running for the job.

Bo also talks about why he thinks Kevin McCarthy could end up with the title + they both talk about getting worn out by the entire process and what they think that means for how normal people feel.

Bo then previews his upcoming appearance with fellow WBT host and reporter Breaking Brett Jensen on Talktoberfest on the WBT Facebook live from 7-8pm.

Finally Brett and Bo talk about Charlotte FC giving the Queen City a playoff team. You can hear the franchise’s first ever playoff match on WBT radio with pregame coverage starting at 7:00pm and kickoff at 7:30 against New York Red Bulls.