Listen here as we’re joined by veteran and author of The Return of the Russian Czar  Lt. Col. Matt Drozd to talk about the unfolding situation between Israel and Palestine as President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel this week.

Brett and Matt begin the conversation by talking about the nature of Israel’s response to the attacks from Hamas in the wake of a hospital bombing in Gaza that neither side is taking credit for + shares what he expects to happen as a result of Biden’s visit to the area.

Matt also give the listeners some context for the size of the force Israel has gathered for its ground invasion + why he thinks this type of operation is a much better option than simply bombing targets that could result in the deaths of innocent civilians as well as the destruction of important infrastructure before sharing what he thinks will happen to the hostages held by Hamas.

Matt hangs around for a second segment to talk about the role of Iran in the attacks + how the United States intelligence community is put at risk by the situation.