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Tune in here to a Monday edition of Crossing the Streams on with Good Morning BT host Bo Thompson on The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett and Bo kick the conversation off by talking about the different sodas of the 1980’s before diving into a talk about the death of actor and writer Suzanne Somers, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 76 after a battle with breast cancer. They talk about some of what they consider her greatest work + Bo explains how he approaches covering the death of cultural figures like Sommers.

Then the discussion turns to the situation that continues to develop in the Middle East. Bo talks about what monitoring a news cycle in the current climate of the world is like + Brett tries to remember the last time so much chaos was going on at one time.

Finally they end their visit by talking about the state of the Carolina Panthers, who fell to 0-6 after a loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday + Bo shares one shocking stat about the Panthers so far.