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Trump to NC governor: You have a week to decide on RNC site

Source: Raleigh News & Observer / Getty

North Carolina will give away more money on Wednesday as a push to get most people vaccinated.

Officials will draw the next $1 million winner from the pool of eligible North Carolinians who’ve received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose as of Sunday, July 4. It will be the second of four drawings done by the state over the coming weeks.

However, the incentive of a lump sum payout is not swaying people to line up for their shots. Since Gov. Roy Cooper announced plans for the state-funded lottery, the rate of newly vaccinated residents has plateaued at roughly 8,000 per day.

Even with North Carolina struggling to hit the goal of two-third of the adult population fully vaccinated, the state is experiencing the lowest rate of hospitalizations over the past year. A promising sign despite an uptick in new cases with the emergence of the Delta variant. But still a far cry from the 3,000-day average during the height of the COVID-19 surge last year.

Cooper made a visit to Uptown Charlotte Wednesday with U.S. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra to encourage more people to roll up their sleeves. The Governor’s second official visit to the Queen’s City over the past six weeks to spread the word about the COVID-19 vaccine.

State officials will determine if the winner of the latest $1 million prize is eligible and notify them. The lucky individual will receive a one-time payout of over $640,000, after taxes.