Happy Hump Day on The Brett Winterble Show!

We have a busy show, starting off with Brett explaining why tonight’s debate of GOP Presidential candidates isn’t really a debate + WBT host and reporter Breaking with Brett Jensen joining the program to talk about controversial new laws regarding school responsibilities and the local response to them.

We’re also joined in the first hour by another WBT host Vince Coakley to preview said debate.

In the second hour we’re joined by The Coach Matt Doherty who previews his upcoming live event for “The Rebound Podcast” with Jay Bilas and emceed by Bo Thompson + what it was like to coach against guys like Mike Krzyzewski and others as why he always wanted to beat the coaches he was closest to off the court.

Bo Thompson also drops by for a Hump Day Crossing the Streams to talk about tomorrow’s Rebound Podcast event + Bo and Brett dive a little deeper into tonight’s debate.