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Happy Hump Day on The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett starts the show with a conversation about how he thinks the foundation for the problems facing America today we’re set years ago and what the point of that is + takes your calls on the matter. Brett then dives into a story about materials found at the bottom of the ocean possibly being proof of alien life.

WBT host and reporter Breaking Brett Jensen drops by to talk about his story surrounding CMPD and an Ford dealership employee taking department vehicles out for rides with a gun and cash in the car. Listen for more about what went down on Breaking with Brett Jensen from 7-8pm on WBT.

We’re also joined once again by Bo Thompson for Crossing The Streams to talk about Carolina Panthers training camp setting records with Aaron Rodgers and the Jets in town + what’s impressed Bo about new quarterback Bryce Young and other storylines around the NFL before previewing tomorrow’s edition of Good Morning BT.