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Get your week started with this Monday edition of The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett starts things off by talking about Devin Archer’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee and what he took away from it + why he think President Biden has surrounded himself with “weirdos.”

WBT host and reporter Breaking Brett Jensen joins the program live from Carolina Panthers training camp in Spartanburg, South Carolina! Jensen and Winterble talk about the biggest story lines for the Panthers heading into the 2023 season, especially what Jensen has seen from the new starting QB Bryce Young who was selected with the first pick of the NFL draft + what to expect from new head coach Frank Reich.

In the 4:00 hour we’re joined once again to by author Scott McEwen to talk more about Devin Archer + Bo Thompson visits for Crossing the Streams.

Bo and Brett talk about the 2024 Presidential candidate field and upcoming GOP debate in August before previewing what’s happening tomorrow on Good Morning BT.