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Daughter listening to fathers instructions while sitting in car before driving lesson

Source: Thomas Barwick / Getty

The supervised driving period in North Carolina for young people before they may drive alone will be permanently reduced after Gov. Roy Cooper stated on Friday that he will allow a measure to become law without his signature.

The General Assembly sent a bill last month addressing when an adolescent can go from a learner’s permit to a restricted provisional license and drive alone, according to Senate Bill 157.

The original law was a young person must own a permit for at least 12 months under state law. Lawmakers temporarily shortened it to six months during the COVID-19 epidemic to solve delayed driver’s education lessons.

The law was changed back to 12 months at the end of 2022, but lawmakers claimed they were still receiving complaints from parents. As a result, the most recent bill brings back the six-month minimum for the remainder of 2023 before deciding on nine months minimum.

In a press release, Cooper acknowledged the law saying, “

“For years, NC’s graduated drivers license process has significantly improved safety for all motorists, however, this legislation passed by a large margin because it should help reduce the waiting time for young people wanting their license. I have concerns that this law could make our roads less safe and I encourage the Division of Motor Vehicles and the legislature to monitor its effects closely.”

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