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We’ve found out more about the person who leaked classified U.S. intelligence documents. Fox News reports:

The person behind a major leak of secret U.S. intelligence documents is reportedly a man in his 20s who worked on a military base and shared the classified information on the chat app Discord.

The details were revealed in an explosive new report from the Washington Post on Wednesday. The outlet reportedly spoke to a fellow member of the chat group the leaker ran on Discord. The Post’s teenage source claimed he knew the leaker’s real name and where he lived but said he would not help authorities locate him.

The source told the Post that the leaker ran a Discord group called “Thug Shaker Central,” and identified himself only as “OG.”

The teen, who the Post said had parental permission to speak to the outlet, said “OG” shared troves of classified material with him and roughly two dozen other members of the chat group.

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