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You all did something so incredible with Hancock’s bikes for kids.

We had a tremendous time and I know you’ve been hearing about it across the the dial here and across the day parts but it was such a remarkable opportunity to get together get to make all these new friends I met a whole bunch of people, tons of people driving up from South Carolina tons people driving in from outside Mecklenburg County, people in Mecklenburg County, it was absolutely a blast.

And the idea that we got to do it from like 5:00 until 9:30 was so great, just absolutely fantastic. And John Hancock is such a great philanthropist for keeping this going. 29 years, right? 29 years, I interviewed him and I said, “Hey, John, what’s next?” And he’s like, “oh, we’ll try to go we’re gonna go to 30” That means you get a chance next year, but 800 bikes, every one of those freewill donations, and people are saying, You know what, I want kids to wake up and have something special on Christmas morning. huge, absolutely huge.

And after almost three years, here at WBT it never ceases to amaze me. Right. Dan Rakowski and with us on Friday, they brought 31 bikes, folks were dropping off these beautiful bikes, there was a tremendous lady, if I recall correctly, and it was ginger, and she was somebody who was bringing bikes for taller kids. Because you know, you got tall kids, you got kids that are close, you know, they’re gonna be six feet tall. You want to have the right kind of, but it was remarkable. It was fantastic. And I just want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and support supporting and supplying the bikes. It’s such a great thing. And that is the spirit of the season, isn’t it? Isn’t that the spirit of the season, if you’ve had kids, and they’ve grown up, or you’ve got grandkids, or you’ve got nieces and nephews, you know how exciting it is to watch them open?

Those gifts on Christmas morning are people who do it on Christmas Eve, or later in the day, after they go to church, but it’s so cool to see the joy in the faces of these kids. And to do that for kids that you’ve never even met, you don’t even know who they are, is terrific. It’s just it’s just fantastic. And it filled me with the with the season with the jolliness of the season in so many ways.