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Source: Xinhua News Agency / Getty

Exit polling and surveys are shedding light on why Republicans failed to win as many races as expected. Guy Benson at Townhall has a roundup of where the races stand, as of Monday morning:

It’s the Monday after last Tuesday’s election, and we still don’t have a call on control of the House of Representatives.  The US Senate will remain in Democratic hands, as was determined over the weekend, even if Herschel Walker manages to win the Georgia runoff on December 6th.  Every single Senate incumbent won, in both parties, including an extremely close upset victory for Sen. Cortez Masto in Nevada, over favored Republican Adam Laxalt.  Republican challengers got swept. If Walker bucks the trend early next month, the upper chamber will end up right where it was before well over $1 billion was spent on Senate races this cycle: 50-50.  If Sen. Raphael Warnock prevails, Democrats will have gained one net seat, thanks to the Pennsylvania flip.  This is about as poorly as 2022 could have possibly gone for the GOP

Which brings us to the House of Representatives, where Republicans’ fortunes are looking brighter.  Not good, mind you; GOP leadership expected a relatively early declaration of victory on election night, rather than the protracted series of nail-biters they’ve gotten.

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