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Pat Harrigan is running for North Carolina’s newly-drawn 14th Congressional District. The Republican says it’s the latest in a “cascade of consequences” since his Democrat opponent, Jeff Jackson, began vicious and defamatory attacks on him. The Charlotte Observer reports:

Harrigan’s children were in the home at the time of the shooting, according to his campaign. The shooting was reported to police Oct. 19.

No arrests have been made. No one was injured. The investigation is ongoing, said Kristen Hart, a spokeswoman for the Hickory Police Department.

The bullet hit a window in the home’s laundry room, according to the police report. Marla Harrigan, 74, told The Associated Press the shooting occurred late on Oct. 18 and Harrigan’s children were upstairs at the time.

The story was first reported by The Carolina Journal.

Harrigan says Jackson’s reckless rhetoric may have prompted a death threat against him and the attack on his parents’ home. Jackson apparently gave the Charlotte Observer opposition research – including an interview Harrigan did in 2018 where he discussed the increase in AR-15 sales after Democrats talked about banning the rifles in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. Jackson  Sandy Hook massacre “as a business opportunity to sell more assault weapons.”

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