Vince is live at the Mallard Creek Barbeque.

Bill Wood, Co-Chairman of the barbeque joins to give a history of the barbeque and explains how the money goes to a charity or charities every year. This year it is a drive through or walk up only. This is the 91st year.

 The economics news continues to be mixed. The GNP is growing after some retraction in the previous quarter. The bad news is that the mortgage rates are going up to the highest number in 20 years. Interviews with some of the patrons in line to get barbeque..

Discussion about voting and specifically the Georgia election.  There is a new accuser of Herschel Walker.  Played excerpts of a news conference with Herschel Walker on all the accusations.

 The politicians regardless of how bad they are cannot ruin the country. The country is about the people, and despite the reports the people are still doing well.  Hillary Clinton is giving a warning about what the right wing extremists are planning to give state legislatures the power to overturn presidential elections.