Welcome to Devious Motives, season three, that 22 big stories and issues leading up to the 2022 Election, as we’ll be documenting the ebbs and flows of how this stuff is going on between now and right up to election day, we may even do a post mortem. Once we know what the results look like in this upcoming midterm election, it’s important to understand what the core issues are, in this election, you have a third of the Senate up for election, and you have the entirety of the House of Representatives up for election, and you’ve got a good percentage of seats open in this midterm year, in the governor’s mansions, and in state offices around the country, it is interesting to see the issues that are sort of percolating there under the surface, you know, most of them already, including, of course, inflation in the economy, the border, policing and public safety, climate change, defense of the democracy, and a myriad of other issues that are also at the same time being driven inside states themselves. But we know really what’s going on here in this upcoming election. It’s a proxy war. It’s a proxy war, by and large, by two main actors. President Joe Biden will be up for reelection in 2024. And, of course, former President Donald Trump, who continues to campaign though not an admitted or declared candidate for the presidency in 2024. He’s still out there doing a whole lot of rallies. He’s got his truth social app, and his messaging to his constituency, in as much as the president is as well.