Pat McCrory

Source: Pat McCrory / WBT

Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is mulling a Senate run and will formally announce his future plans on Wednesday.

The politician turned Radio personality said Monday he was considering all his options and would make a decision mid-week. McCrory reflected on his time at WBT along with the reasons he got involved in public service over three decades ago.

“I’m going through the same assessment of decision making which we all must do,” McCrory admitted. “I’ve always said the more choices you have the better. And sadly, some people don’t have a lot of choices.”

McCrory, 64, spent fourteen years as Mayor of Charlotte before taking over as Governor in 2013. He also served on the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council from 2002 to 2006.

Since leaving office, McCrory transitioned his career to being on the air at WBT three years ago. One of the only conservative voices in the nation to make the jump from politics into broadcasting and carry a top-rated radio show for over six months.

According to a report by Politico, McCrory is expected to attempt a comeback into politics after narrowly losing his reelection bid in 2016 and plans to launch his Republican campaign for Senate this week.

McCrory had no comment on the report, but said to tune into Wednesday’s show.