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McCrory: Not all U.S. Capitol protesters showed up to riot

US President Donald Trump's supporters gather outside the...

Source: Probal Rashid / Getty 

A week after the deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol, one thing has become clear with how the media categorizes protesters. They view everyone who was involved as being a group of violent, mob-like actors against the state. While some people went to Washington knowing there was no point of return, others weren’t one the same agenda or “down for the cause.”

Some people wanted to see the President give a speech to the millions of Americans in attendance. They had no intentions of storming the Capitol or causing destruction. Others went in with the same mind frame, but came out emotionally charged and followed the crowd into the halls of congress and the offices of our elected officials.

The media has also spun the narrative that “all Trump supporters” who were caught up with the mob are bad people. That’s not the case and it’s unfair to group those people who wanted death and destruction with those who wanted to witness history. Either way, there needs to be a point where we can move past pointing fingers and come together with civility.

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