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Tune in here to this Wednesday edition of the Brett Winterble Show!
Brett kicks off the program by talking about Biden was elected because there were too many elites loosing their money and power, Biden was given the job to bring back the status quo. He was never going to be able to serve in the manor the American people need, he’s just not up to the job.
We’re joined by Matt “The Coach” Doherty to talk about the Trump administration, Trump’s conviction, and the importance of seeking the truth. Later they discuss Caitlin Clark’s impact on the WNBA and the backlash she’s receiving as well as the NBA playoffs.

Bo Thompson from Good Morning BT is also here for this Wednesday’s episode of Crossing the Streams. Brett and Bo talk about the first 12-game college playoff bracket coming up this season and the release of the playoff schedule that includes when and where the games will be played. Bo also shares what he and Beth have coming up tomorrow on Good Morning BT!
We’re also joined by Chris Cabrera from the Trump campaign to talk about the political games Biden is playing with the border.
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