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Brett kicks off the program by talking about the California Highway Patrol in conjunction with LAPD squaring off with protestors at UCLA who were firing off fire extinguishers at the police. It took the police a little over an hour to breach the walls of the tent city and began arresting these pro-Hamas protestors. Many of the protestors were perp walked past the media, their masks were removed and they were all loaded onto buses to be transported to jail.
Peaceful protesting is not a problem, but overthrowing college campuses, intimidating Jewish students, interrupting classes and graduations is. Americans must stand up against these anti-Semitic radicals who are pushing hate against the Jewish community.

Everyone has the right to be heard in an open forum and openly explain and debate their beliefs. That is not what these protestors are doing, they are spreading hate and protesting for terrorists who rape and murder women and children.
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