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Source: Charlotte Observer / Getty

A very special guest on Tuesday’s Pat McCrory show with Bo Thompson. The one-of-a-kind Felix Sabates gave his thoughts on a plethora of burning topics from the new leadership in Washington D.C., to the Teachers Union, and the slow churn response of dealing with COVID-19 from some states.

Felix wasn’t live in the Ty Boyd Studio for the interview, but rather he was off enjoying wonderful weather from an undisclosed location in the southern hemisphere of the world. Where he could talk on the phone and bask in the tropical rays of sunshine. Due to his heart condition, Sabates was instructed the best course of treatment would be to visit a climate with temperatures of 80 degrees or more, along with sipping a Corona Light with lime regularly.

According to McCrory, Sabates is one of the “starting five” for promoters of major sporting events in Charlotte and talked about that experience. In fact, Pat put Felix on the spot to name the top three sports figures he has built business relationships with over the years. The answer will probably come as a surprise to many people.

Listen to the entire interview with Felix Sabates below.