The federal judge who could upend access to a key abortion medication seemed open on Wednesday to the argument that the drug had not been properly vetted and could be unsafe — claims the Food and Drug Administration and leading health organizations strongly contest. Listen Here:

In this hour, Vince talks about diversity of thought. Also, could Hispanic women be the reason a republican candidate represents South Texas in the house?

"If anything's happening inside the crush there's no way for security to get in there and help."


The travel site named North Carolina as their top state with the most hospitable hosts, according to internal data collected over the past year. The Tar Heel State was complemented for having a noticeable southern charm, including an Asheville property named Lucky W Cottage which received over 530 5-star reviews from visitors.


Texas is dealing with one of the worst crises in modern history as winter storms have ravaged the nation's largest state, leaving millions without electricity, food or water. One person who seems to be on their way out of Texas should actually be on the front lines.


Wright is the first sitting member of the U.S. Congress to die from the Coronavirus. He was in his second term in the U.S. House following two decades of service in local politics in Arlington, TX. Wright won reelection by a 9-percentage-point margin in 2020.