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Second Senate Impeachment Trial Of Donald Trump

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Texas is dealing with one of the worst crises in modern history as winter storms have ravaged the nation’s largest state, leaving millions without electricity, food or water.

One person who seems to be on their way out of Texas should actually be on the front lines. A series of unverified images of Sen. Ted Cruz circulated on Twitter Wednesday night shows him at an airport and aboard a plane headed to Cancun, Mexico.

Fox News contributor Chad Pergram confirmed Cruz was en route to the vacation spot on Thursday. Although, there has been confirmation directly from Cruz’s office about his whereabouts.

Here are picture to “speak for themselves” from several people who spotted the Texas Senator.

Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat who unsuccessfully challenged Cruz for his Senate seat in 2018, gave his thoughts on Cruz skipping out on Texans during an MSNBC interview Thursday.

O’Rourke went after Cruz for abandoning his state and taking a vacation when people are literally freezing to death.

Some Texans have resorted to stoves, barbecue grills, gasoline generators and their vehicles as a source of heat. The loss of power was perhaps the most brutal consequence of the storm, although the number of outages has declined slightly. As of Thursday morning, about 500,000 customers in Texas were without electricity, the lowest such number in days, according to Bluefire Studios, a company that tracks outages.

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas warned residents to brace for continued misery. “Most of the state will be below freezing,” Abbott said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Days of winter weather blanketing most of the U.S. has left at least 38 people dead nationwide. Over two-third of the Continental U.S. is currently covered in snow, along with experiencing sub-freezing conditions.