The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in a case that opponents say will destroy democracy. The case is called “Moore v Harper” and it rests on an argument that state legislatures have authority to control federal election rules, as outlined in the US Constitution. From Mitch Kokai at the Carolina Journal: Here’s the […]

Leftists are offering bounties for the locations of US Supreme Court justices, so protesters can harass and stalk the judges. To what end? Plus, a too-perfect-abortion story is a little suspicious.

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments in a North Carolina redistricting case that tests the “independent state legislature theory.” Plus, Biden wants a filibuster “carve-out” for codifying abortion-on-demand. Also, is the Carolina Panthers’ owner alienating fans?

Recent US Supreme Court rulings have limited government advocates celebrating. But leftists are angry at Democrats for blowing up institutional norms and doing end-runs around laws to enact the progressive agenda.

The self-proclaimed defenders of democracy are really mad the US Supreme Court says laws should be crafted by democratic mechanisms outlined in the Constitution.

In this hour, Therapeutic Thursday. More on the fallout of Roe v. Wade being overturned. Also, Vince dives deeper into Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony during the January 6th hearings.

In this hour, The SCOTUS rules on the EPA case and the “Remain in Mexico” case. Biden comments on the overturning of Roe v. Wade, at the NATO Summit in Spain.

In this hour, more on Roe v. Wade. The corporate world weighs in on the abortion topic. Also, AOC comments on the SCOTUS.

The US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade and the related Casey v Planned Parenthood opinions in an opinion released this morning. It means states will set their own laws regarding abortion.

The President of the Jesse Helms Center, Brian Rogers, discusses how the late US Senator from North Carolina entered public office fighting against the abortion industry and the controversial ruling.