Segment one is about how US citizens and politicians respond to situations, and fuel prices. The remainder of the show is on leadership in the US.

Mick Mulvaney joins Bo Thompson in studio with his take on the Carolina Panthers with Cam Newton back in the mix again, new polling numbers put former President Trump far ahead of other likely GOP rivals in an Iowa caucus while President Biden's approval numbers continue to plummet, and a Mulvaney Music Trivia that will thrill and amaze us all!

In 1960, only 4% of Democrats and 4% of Republicans said they would be disappointed if their child married someone from the opposite political party. By 2018, 45% of Democrats and 35% of Republicans reported they’d be unhappy if their child did the same.

The outgoing President made one last speech before boarding Air Force One, saying "We were not a regular administration." He and his wife Melania head to his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Fla., skipping the inauguration for President-elect Joe Biden at Noon ET.