A local builder describes how a guy stole from his job site but police did nothing. Plus, Bank of America is using $40,000 to clean up a massive pool noodle art installation.

Pete is accused of antagonism towards a caller who claimed votes were changed to elect Joe Biden in 2020. Unchallenged ideas are easy to hold.

Radicals on college campuses (including Chapel Hill) are outraged that a tent city protest was cleared from a common area at Columbia University. Will Democrats distance themselves from this fringe element in their party?

The angriest speech against Senate Democrats refusing to hold an impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas came from... LINDSEY GRAHAM?! Stop trying to make us like you again, Lindsey!

The Biden Administration argued in the US Supreme Court that impeachment was the appropriate mechanism for an administration that refuses to enforce the law. But, yesterday the US Senate Democrats refused to hold an impeachment trial on exactly those grounds.

Despite more than two centuries of precedent, the US Senate refused to hold a trial upon receiving article of impeachment from the US House.

Methodists from all over the world are coming to Charlotte next week for their General Conference. They will be voting on a raft of changes that are expected to spell victory for the Progressives inside the church that have been ignoring rules on LGBT issues. Many traditionalist congregations have already "disaffiliated" from the United Methodist Church - leading to the largest downsizing of the Methodist movement since the 1800s.

US Congressman Ro Khanna complains that players in the WNBA are not paid the same as men in the NBA. Plus, there is a correct way to load the dishwasher.

NPR editor, Uri Berliner, resigned today over his published criticism of the public radio company's bias and the retribution he has suffered as a result. Plus, Real Clear Investigations finds the "whistleblower" that prompted Trump's impeachment was involved in Biden's Ukraine operations... which is what Trump wanted probed.

The new CEO of National Public Radio releases a statement proving correct the criticism from longtime NPR editor, Uri Berliner, that the institution is captured by blinded progressives.