Pete Kaliner

The weekly tradition of the Friday Hangover with Pete Kaliner on the Brett Winterble Show is back as the two hosts discuss mistakes politicians make “on day one” and the battle for Richard Burr’s senate seat. Pete and Brett talk about what makes the race between Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd remarkable in today’s political […]

Pete Kaliner of the Pete Kaliner Show is back for another edition of the Friday Hangover talking about information privacy and the FBI on the Brett Winterble Show. Brett and Pete talk about a report about how border authorities are able to access tons of information from devices searched at airports and other checkpoints + […]

On this Friday edition of the Brett Winterble Show we debut a new segment with fellow WBT host Pete Kaliner — The Friday Hangover! Pete sticks around after his show to catch up with Brett and share his thoughts on the new King of England Charles III and the Royal family as a whole. Be […]

NC Rep. Dan Bishop said he exposed the radicals advising DC Democrats on abortion laws. A Charlotte Observer editor is not happy with him.

From the border crisis to threats against the Supreme Court, the breakdown in rule of law is having a serious negative impact on our society.

Washington Post journalismer Taylor Lorenz inflicts injury and abuse upon her political foes, while crying (literally) about abuse inflicted upon her by critics of her doxxing.

Brad Slager from & discusses the collapse of the legacy media gatekeepers. Plus, Biden’s new Ministry of Truth to be run by a spreader of disinformation.

Thanks to a Tik Tok “influencer” I discovered that I’ve been victimized by white privilege because people won’t get out of my way when I’m walking. So now I’m going to NOT get out of other peoples’ way. Maybe I’ll apply this anti-white privilege strategy to driving, too!

The original judge in North Carolina’s long-running Leandro school funding lawsuit says public schools are afflicted with a “failure of classroom instruction.” Judge Howard Manning said too many adults in the system are not prioritizing student achievement.

AP Dillon from the North State Journal has a bombshell investigative report about how the NC State Elections Director was working on creation of an online absentee ballot portal long before COVID gave her the justification to launch one. The pandemic was used as the reason to implement the system – despite security flaws. Plus, […]