The discussion continues about the viral video of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer punching a woman who was resisting arrest after being approached for suspicion of smoking marijuana. Yesterday, the Mecklenburg District Attorney dropped the charges against the woman. Listen Here:

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney dropped all the charges against a Bojangles employee who resisted arrest and got hit multiple times by officers. The “compliance strikes” were caught on video by a bystander and went viral on the internet. Listen Here:

The heartbreak of Charlotte area sports knows no limits! It turns out that the highly-popular Savannah Bananas could have been originally located in Gastonia. Listen Here:

Gastonia’s minor league baseball team is getting sued all over the place… and is now facing eviction for failing to pay the city for use of the stadium and failing to maintain it properly. Listen Here:

David Tepper, the owner of the Carolina Panthers, fired yet another head coach – the third in five years. Fans and analysts say it spells dark days… well, actually… years ahead for the worst team in the league. Listen Here:

The Great Stuffing vs. Dressing Debate of 2023 has commenced! Listen Here:

Inflation isn’t increasing as fast or as high as it did before the pandemic… incomes have not kept pace… and prices are much higher than they were in 2020… but the Associated Press reports on the “befuddlement” among experts about why Americans view the economy as poor. Listen Here:

North Carolina Rep. Tricia Cotham (R-Mecklenburg) announced she will run for re-election to the NC General Assembly. Cotham drew the wrath of Democrats from across the country when she switched parties, became a Republican, and gave the GOP a super-majority in the House last session. Listen Here:

Mayo is the superior condiment above all others. Stuffing is the proper name of the Thanksgiving side dish. And Tricia Cotham announces a re-election bid for a newly-drawn NC House district. Listen Here:

A new study out of Ohio State University shows trees are getting bigger thanks to the CO2 they breathe in. But if we reverse global warming, what will become of the aggressive panhandlers?! Listen Here: