D.C. politicians only seem to care about one thing. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by .75%. Also, more on Hunter Biden.

The government can’t continue to bail out other countries while ignoring the problems at home.

Can we trust the government to do what’s best for Americans? Also, Joe Biden comments on inflation and the energy crisis.

In a 10-1 vote last night, the Charlotte City Council approved a $275 million deal with the Hornets – keeping the NBA team as the anchor tenant through 2045.

As a concept, red flag (or Extreme Risk Protection Order) laws are appealing. But crafting a set of rules that protect due process and constitutional rights might be nearly impossible.

WRAL-TV commissioned an online survey that is obvious in its attempt  intends to drive the gun control effort. Also, both US Senators from NC are supporting a “framework” for new gun restrictions.

The House Select Committee presenting its report on the January 6th Capitol riot suffers from a lack of credibility and, as such, isn’t convincing people who aren’t already convinced that former President Donald Trump provoked it.

Testimony from advisers to former President Donald Trump say they repeatedly tried to convince him that his re-election was in jeopardy and that allegations of fraud were not provable or believable.

Reaction to Friday’s show continued throughout the weekend. Plus, Day 2 of the Congressional presentation about the January 6th Capitol riot.

President Joe Biden says there’s very little he can do to combat inflation, which hit a record 8.6% in May. Plus, more reaction from the Scott Huffman interview.