North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed three bills yesterday, even though the public is turning against his position on them. Listen Here:

In the second hour of the show, Pete reacts to last night's school board meeting in Mecklenburg County about the end to the mask mandate. But why will the kids have to wear masks longer than the rest of the public in the county?

In the first hour of the show, Pete reacts to the breaking news of the new Congressional maps being approved by the three judge panel and talks about how the new lines will not help Republicans regain the majority in the House of Representatives. 

NC House Speaker Tim Moore joins Pete for his weekly chat to talk about having to draw new Congressional maps for North Carolina after a redistricting lawsuit by Marc Elias and what would happen if they're forced to re-draw yet another round of districts.

In the second hour of the show, Pete talks about the motion filed by the North Carolina legislature blocking several Leftist professors to review the NEW round of district maps that had to be re-drawn by the state general assembly. 

NC GOP Chair Michael Whatley joins Pete to talk about the NC Legislature being forced to re-draw new Congressional and District maps for the state and says lawyer Marc Elias - who has known ties to the Democratic party - is defending Leftist maps in other states. 

Congressman Dan Bishop (NC-09) joins Vince to talk about Joe Biden's failures handling Russia's escalation with Ukraine and says you can draw lines back to the US' bumbled exit from Afghanistan. 

Vince is joined by NC Congressional candidate Brian Echevarria (NC-73) to talk about the viral comments he made at a local Cabarrus County School Board meeting and why he thinks CRT doesn't belong in any school curriculum. 

Congressman Dan Bishop (NC-09) joins Pete to talk about the NC Supreme Court throwing out the district maps drawn by the state legislature and also discusses what needs to be done with several key Democrats and the Hillary Clinton political team over their involvement in the Durham Probe. 

In the second hour of the show, Pete ponders whether the real reason mask mandates are ending all over the country - including in Mecklenburg County - is because Joe Biden wants a sense of a "return to normal" before his first "State Of The Union" address.