NC House

Stephen Wiley is the NC House Republican Caucus Director, where he recruits and helps act as campaign manager for all candidates running for the North Carolina House of Representatives. Wiley says “Republicans dominated statewide elections and grew their majorities in both chambers”: As of this writing, nationally Republicans only won 177 Biden seats in state legislatures, with […]

Michael Anderson is running for North Carolina House District 99 in North Charlotte. The first-time Republican candidate joins me to discuss why he decided to run for office in such a heavy Democratic. Listen Here:

Stephen Wiley is the North Carolina Republican House Caucus Director. His job is to get GOP candidates elected to the NC House of Representatives. He expects the economy to drive the election in November, and notes that no party in modern history has gained seats in a midterm election during a recession… except once. In […]

At beginning of the hour Speaker Of The House Tim Moore joins to discuss the status of the Covid Bill. Pete discussed the anger about crime on CATS at the city council meeting last night.

The Speaker of the NC House Tim Moore joins Pete for his weekly chat to talk about the latest in the state redistricting case and Governor Roy Cooper's veto to push back the primary elections. 

NC House Speaker Tim Moore joins Pete hours after Governor Roy Cooper announced that he will indeed sign the proposed budget from the NC Legislature.