WBT's Skyshow is only a week away! Also, Wagner group threatens Putin's power.

Kicking off season four of my Nebulous Ramblings podcast with kudos to the Kellar Radio Talent Institute and thoughts on the loss of the Titan submarine and her crew.

Let's talk critters! Sure, I love dogs! Don't we all? But now, a cat has entered the picture at the home of yours truly, which is cool too! Also, our friends at CMPD Animal Care & Control are looking for folks to come foster, adopt, or take a dog for a staycation, as the shelter is full. The shelter is located at 8315 Byrum Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217, and you can reach them at 704-336-7600. 

Writer's block, unblocked. The time has come to bust up some dirt, plant those vegetables, and engage in some general silliness.

In my latest WBT podcast - Nebulous Ramblings 99: In the Weeds Again - overcoming the negative news cycle, some behind the scenes smackety smack, advice from Mannix regarding coffee, and the 3rd Annual WBT Little Heroes Blood Drives.

Virgos in broadcasting, reaction to President Biden's speech, a totally biased prediction of the UNC vs. ASU final score, and so much more!

Doing your thing, whatever it is, natural area itchies, WBT Skyshow and more!

Kudos to Freddie Freeman, my coffee mug, WBT's Skyshow, and more!

My latest WBT podcast Nebulous Ramblings 92: Slip of the Tongue Confirmation - President Biden's press secretary has a Freudian slip that actually confirms something we already knew.